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Nayax Cashless Payments SYSTEMS

Many consumers today no longer carry cash with them and as such, are progressively more dependent on cashless technologies for services and products. Cashless payments are not the future, they’re the present. 

“The technology is here - we are embracing it.”

You can use credit, debit, or any NFC-enabled mobile wallet pay such as Apple Pay right from your phone! Tap, insert or swipe, it’s your choice! We make it that easy. 

Keeping every customer happy, even when they have no pocket change.

Sensit Guaranteed Delivery Sensors ensures customers receive their product or their money back.


Our Remote Management System gives us the ability to monitor our machines from the office. This ensures we are proactive with a solution and prevents the unnecessary customer disappointment by solving problems as they occur.

Technical Service Communication:


  • Understanding consumer behaviour and product preferences

  • Communication with our vending machines through cellular connectivity

  • Schedule refill deliveries according to sales

  • There is nothing more rewarding to us than correcting an issue before a customer recognizes one

  • Notifications for technical service concerns

  • Our lock-out technology will deny a customer purchasing from a refrigerated machine if safe food handling

  • Temperature parameters are not maintained

  • Technical services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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